Argumentative Essay Format, Format of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is a type of formal writing which aims to support a concept or an idea thru a series of evidences against a conflicting concept also presented in the paper. To make it simple, an argumentative essay is like a debate written on paper. Unlike the usual essay format which consists of an introduction, main body and a conclusion, an argumentative essay format follows different concept organizations and development, such as those enumerated below:

Argumentative Essay Format 1: Alternation

The essay begins with the introduction of the topic or issue at hand and the supported argument or position. The body consists of presentation of the supported concept backed by evidences, followed by the contradicting concept similarly supported by evidences. The points of view for each concept are arranged in alternating fashion, wherein the details of the claim are refuted by the opposing claim and vice versa. The conclusion part of this argumentative essay format contains the summary of the claim and supporting evidences, as well as the evaluation of the opposition in such a way that the chosen position outshines the latter.

Argumentative Essay Format 2: Shoot-down

The start of the essay presents the introductory part and the statement of both the supported claim and the opposing claim. The body initially discusses the ideas of the opposition with corresponding rebuttal from the supported position and back-up proofs. The latter part of the body shall include the over-all “shoot-down” of the opposition by the taken position. A summary of the supported idea and its evidences is contained in the conclusion. This format is the easiest and most common.

Argumentative Essay Format 3: Clustering

This type of argumentative essay format is a combination of the alternation and shoot-down types. The introduction contains the topic and the two conflicting issues about the topic. The first part of the body is akin to the alternation format, wherein one point of supported claim with corresponding evidences is contested by that of the opposing claim. The second part of the body is the same as the shoot-down, where support of the chosen position and refutation of the opposition previously enumerated in the first part are more solidly expounded. The conclusion includes the summary of the claim and evidences, as well as evaluation of all the rebuttals made in the body.

The argumentative essay formats presented serve as a guide on how to effectively organize details of the essay in such a way that the backed-up argument will get the dominance at the climax of the paper. While it is also important to acknowledge the significance of the opposing argument to the topic and to the readers, the supported argument and its evidences must come up with more desirability in effect and results compared to the opposition. A smart and well-constructed argumentative essay format usually contains one to two paragraphs to define each point of the claim and the opposing claim.